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Latest Posts

  • Changes to the UK Corporate Governance Code

    7 August 2023 | tags: compliance, governance, uk

    BackgroundEarlier this year, the UK Financial Reporting Council (FRC) published a consultation paper on proposed changes to the 2018 UK Corporate Governance Code.The consultation follows the UK Government response to the ‘White Paper’ entitled Restoring Trust in Audit and Corporate Governance, which highlighted areas of the Code that could be enhanced.Responses to the Consultation have been requested by 13 September 2023.The primary purpose behind the changes is a clear desire from the FRC to improve...
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  • Cyber Security Rules 2021 - One Year On

    11 February 2022 | tags: compliance, cybersecurity, gfsc

    It’s been a whole year since the GFSC’s Cyber Security Rules and Guidance 2021 came into force on 8th February 2021, with all Guernsey licensees required to demonstrate compliance by 9th August 2021. It can be easy to assume that this is “someone else’s problem” and delegate the issue to the IT department, or more frequently, an external IT provider.However, these are important matters both for Boards and Compliance Officers to actually comprehend, and it...
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  • What makes a Compliance Framework effective?

    4 February 2022 | tags: compliance

    As a compliance consultant, one of the first things I want to understand about a client is their compliance framework. While it can be a subjective concept, I love the term ‘framework’ - it could include a whole variety of documents, systems and controls, and can give room for interpretation. Some, however, may find it confusing. So, let’s take a brief tour of the key facets of an effective compliance framework.There are various processes and...
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